Advantages of Ayegh Plast over its competitors :

  • Capable of reflecting up to 98% of the radiations
  • Recyclable and environmentally-friendly
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Resistant to compression and damage
  • Inhibits fungal and mold growth
  • Class A rated fire resistant (low flame spread)
  • Resistant to moisture and vapor (impermeable)
Surface fire spreadUnder 25 ASTM E84
Smoke-developed indexUnder 50ASTM E84-98
ReflectivityUp to 98%ASTM C1371
Linear contraction coefficientNull-
Moisture permeability02- PermASTM E-96
Hot surface performance120CASTM C423
FlexibilityWithout tearing or crackingASTM C1224
Acoustic functionYesASTM C411
Working temperature50°c to +80°c-ASTM C1363
Fungal resistanceYesASTM CI338
Puncture resistance10 kg/cmFSTM 101 B
Tensile strength3.7 N/mASTM D751
Weight (per m2)400–500 gr-

Pre-Installation Notes :

  • Inspect the installation surface
  • Replace worn-out electrical wiring
  • Trace the electrical wires and make sure not to staple over them
  • Make sure the working area is air-conditioned and sufficiently illuminated
  • When using the stapler, make sure to wear protective eye-wear
  • On windy days, be extra cautious when working outdoors
  • On sunny days, wear sunglasses when working
  • Do not work in intensely hot environments, such as in the attic