Plast insulation advantages over competitors :

  • The ability to reflect radiant energy up to 98%
  • Renewable and environmentally friendly
  • Completely sanitary and informal
  • Reduce energy consumption in buildings
  • Resistant to compression
  • Prevents mushroom and mildew growth
  • Class A in fire rating (resistant and resistant to fire)
  • Resistant to moisture and moisture and steam
پیشروی سطح آتشUnder 25 ASTM E84
شاخص گسترش دودUnder 50ASTM E84-98
ضریب انعکاستا 98 %ASTM C1371
ضریب انقباض خطی ندارد-
ضریب نفوذ رطوبت02- PermASTM E-96
عملکرد سطح داغ120CASTM C423
قابلیت خمیدگیبدون ترک و پارگیASTM C1224
کارکرد عایق صوتیداردASTM C411
محدوده دمایی عملکرد50°c to +80°c-ASTM C1363
مقاومت در برابر قارچداردASTM CI338
مقاومت در سوراخ شدن10 kg/cmFSTM 101 B
مقاومت کششی3.7 N/mASTM D751
وزن 400-500 gr-

Advice before installation :

  • Check the location carefully
  • Clean any worn wiring
  • Identify the wiring path and do not apply to the staple wire
  • Make sure you have the right air conditioning and light at the workplace
  • Use eye glasses when working with staples
  • Take extra caution in outdoor air days
  • Use sunglasses when installing on sunny days
  • Do not work in warm places such as the attic