About Arme

Arme Foulad Asia Co.
Leading in the field of thermal insulation and refrigeration

Arme Foolad Asia co. as one of the pioneers in supplying various types of thermal insulators and prefabricated coatings in the building industry of the country since 2008, with full potential in this direction. We initiated our activities by offering a variety of sandwich panels for polyurethane, rock wool and polyisocyanate, one of the top products in the field of manufacturing, coating and insulating various industrial buildings, warehouses, poultry houses, clean rooms, structures Temporary and even residential. We started and continue to be one of the best in the industry with an experienced team. Considering the company’s customer preferences and providing a variety of selective options, as well as taking into account that global and regional economic conditions are not constant and undergo severe and mild changes. We decided to produce more efficient and less costly products for presenting to our compatriots by conducting day-to-day studies and research