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Why Choose Ayegh Plast ?


Ayegh Plast is easy and quick to install whereas many types of installation materials are not adequate for large-scale projects or inflict exorbitant costs.


Ayegh Plast offers unparalleled hygienic and environmental qualities. The product is recyclable, durable, reduces fossil fuel consumption, is free of toxic chemicals, fibers, or particulates, and is effective in pest control


Given its resistance to radiation, moisture, degradation, fungi, bacteria, dust, wear, and delamination, Ayegh Plast offers a considerably longer service time than its counterparts

Reducing Energy Consumption

When installed correctly, the product can reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning systems in the summer by up to 30%. Similarly, in the winter, the insulation material cuts the used up energy by 25% by hindering heat transfer and reflecting it back into the interior space

Some AyeghPlast Application :

Ayegh Plast Double-Sided Aluminum-Faced

The product can be used on the ceiling, walls, floor, and other parts of residential or commercial buildings, industrial facilities, poultry farms, and greenhouses. The product integrates fine and coarse bubbles that are different in thickness but are similar in reflectivity. The insulation features 6–7 μm, 99% aluminum foils on either side that are laminated with PE and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and several other additives that enhance the strength and prevent flammability. The middle layer of the product—also laminated with PE and other compounds on both sides to enhance the properties—is the PE air bubble material.

Residential Application

Ayegh Plast can be used in various parts of residential buildings. Improving energy efficiency, increasing the value of the building, and creating a thermally-comfortable environment are some of the benefits of using the insulation material. Ayegh Plast can be used on the ceiling, in the cellar, on the internal or external walls, the façade, and around heating or air conditioning facilities

Steel Structures

With its many applications, Ayegh Plast is the best choice for steel structures, industrial facilities, poultry farms, and husbandries

The Attic

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, our products are an excellent upgrade for the attic system. The light-weight product is also quite easy to install. In addition, the ducts of the air conditioning system located in the attic benefit from the decrease in the temperature

Underfloor Heating

The product is ideal for buildings with an underfloor heating system .The product offers considerable advantages including high energy efficiency

What is Ayegh Plast?

Introduced by the Azin Insulation Manufacturing Group, Ayegh Plast is a new insulation cover developed by state-of-the-art technologies. The insulation cover has received over 40 certifications for thermal insulation, isolation, and energy savings in residential and commercial buildings and farming and industrial facilities. The most notable advantages of the product include hygienic properties, ease of installation, and diverse applications. Ayegh Plast is an excellent radiant barrier to radiative and convective heat transfers, and an ideal choice based on all important parameters that make it second to none.

About us :

Arme Foulad Asia Co has started its activity strongly since 2008, As one of the pioneers in supplying various insulations and light prefabricated coatings in the construction industry of Iran. At first we start our activity presenting sandwich panels with various insulations such as Polyurethane, rock wool and polyisocyanurate, that is one of Superior products to use in construction of industrial buildings, Warehouses, Poultry farms, clean rooms, Temporary and even Residential instruments. With an experienced team, we are the best in this field of industry. Our priority is our customers. due to unstable global and regional economic conditions, we decided to produce a new economic and efficient product for our dear customers. It is an honor to introduce our new product, Ayegh Plast brand. Our goal is to provide customer service as best as possible and participate somewhat in development of national economy. This product is manufactured using the newest technology is used in Europe and USA, and meet the international standards. This product has lower cost than sandwich panel and with higher efficiency is proper to use in construction industry.

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Advantages of Ayegh Plast over its Counterparts


Anti Humidity

Hygienic and safe

Reduces energy costs

Easy Installation